Students often find themselves in a fix to calculate their GPA and they don't know how do the Universities calculate their GPA. OSU GPA Calculator does the hard job of calculating the GPA for them. Students don't need to go into registrar office and wait for hours and waste their time anymore. GPA is calculated within a second so that students know where they stand for reference anytime.

Is it reliable?

It often happens that before the examinations students can always estimate the grade they need so that they can reach their required GPA for future purposes. Sometimes due to errors in the office work or problems as small as printing mistake can put students in a fix. Now the calculator gives them a chance to cross check their GPA and find out errors if there have been any.

The GPA Calculator uses the Ohio State University approved method of calculating GPA. The method first calculates total credited hours and weighted GPA total and then divides the latter by the first to find out the GPA.

Subject Credit Hours Grade
Total credited hours: 0
Weighted GPA total: 0
GPA: 0